Mag. Dr.

Andreas Thomasser



Andreas Thomasser was born in 1967. He studied law in Vienna and Graz and is currently working on his Doctorate in Law and enrolled in studies of philosophy and a combination of subjects including history, psychology, sociology, and ecology. From January 1998 to February 2001 he served as assistant to the Management of the FH Joanneum. Together with Professor (FH) Werner Hauser A Thomasser published the book "Wettbewerbs- und Immaterialgüterrecht" in 1998. In 2000 he took up lecturing at the FH J which this year has become his professional focus. Besides, his responsibilities at the FH J include certain legal issues - mainly contractual law - especially regarding R & D. Being an enthusiastic sportsman himself, Andreas Thomasser has done a lot of research regarding the law of associations and thus has been consulting to several athletics associations.

Weitere Publikationen:
Vereinsgesetz 2002: Ist der Tatbestand der Autoritätsanmaßung obsolet? in Eitner/Getzinger/Hauser/Muchitsch (Hrsg), Res publica, FS Schachner-Blazizek (2002) 179.

Immaterialgüterrechte: Werkzeug und Ergebnisse selbstverantwortlichen Berufshandelns, in Prisching/Lenz/Hauser (Hrsg), Lebenslanges Lernen als selbstverantwortliches Berufshandeln (2003) 77.