Anika Kronberger




Anika Kronberger is head of the Major Interaction Design and works as a researcher and lecturer at FH JOANNEUM. She studied Information Design and Content Strategy and has been running a design studio in the field of graphic, interaction and exhibition design.
Since 2011, she has been employed at the Institute in research and commissioned projects of the Research and Design Lab of the Institute of Design and Communication. Her research interests and areas of activity include information design in media and interactive spaces, content strategy, mixed reality, game-based and e-learning. She is involved in the projects: SMOTIES, Green Games in Tourism and Hospitality, Promoting Green Skills through Games, JamToday, Let's Learn Innovative Logistics, NEWMetro - Embedding Kets and Works based learning into Mechatronic profile, Health Perception Lab, Josef Ressel Center for the study of predispositions of perinatal metabolic programming of obesity, SenseCity, GREAT, SEAL - Seniors' Learning Value.