Barbara Ormsby



I am an organizational development consultant. My mission is to prepare companies for future strategic challenges and to support them in transforming their way of learning, thinking and working.

My Path so Far…

I grew up bilingual (German, English) in an intercultural family.
I acquired my consulting skills during six years in three different consulting firms (Czipin & Partner, Proudfoot, Trust & Value).
In 2006 I started my own business and since then I have been advising companies and non-profit organisations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Personal development and professional training are important to me (e.g. training in hypnosystemic consulting, coaching and supervision).
I have a technical and scientific background (PhD in Theoretical Physics, Vienna University of Technology, HTL for Biomedical Engineering and Electronics, TGM Vienna) and also a psychological background (MSc Organizational Psychology, University of London).
At the London Business School I recently completed an Executive Course in Sustainable Leadership and Corporate Responsibility.

New impulses often arise off the beaten track
I have also worked as a bicycle messenger, participated in archaeological excavations, taught in a circus school, took a sabbatical with my family in a Camphill community in Ireland and was part of the leadership team of an independent school.