DI (FH) Dr.

Bettina Hiller



Bettina Hiller studied Urban Technologies at FH JOANNEUM in Kapfenberg (Austria) as well as at the University of Málaga (Spain). Since 2004 she realizes the doctorate „Educative Innovation and Research Methods” at University of Málaga.
Certified web and graphic designer (2006-2007)
Certified eModerator by Gilly Salmon
Certified Projectmanager by IPMA
Work Experience:
2000: Projectmanager of EGMASA (Spanish Environment Consulting Company)
2001–2002: Technical Assistant of Telefónica (Spanish mobile phone company)
2002-2005: Projectmanager of the Andalusian Centre of Innovation and Technologies of Information and Communications: Research activities, development, implementation and evaluation of national and international ICT Projects in the fields of: didactics and content development in eLearning, collaborative eLearning, Blended Learning, virtual communication, Telemedicine, UMTS technologies, usability-W3C, quality assurance, Tourism, Gender Mainstreaming, Riskmanagement, renewable energies, Information and Communication strategies. Bettina Hiller was also responsible for the organization, execution and evaluation of eLearning and Blended Learning courses.
Since January 2006 she works at the ZML - Innovative Learning Scenarios.
Function at the ZML - Innovative Learning Scenarios:
Research activities in the areas of didactics in eLearning (quality assurance, evaluation, content development, etc.), collaborative eLearning, Blended Learning, virtual communication, training, evaluation and usability.
Projectmanagemet: concept development, evaluation and projectcontrolling. (Virtual Campus, EU Projects). She also supports teachers and students in the eLearning Platform (eNcephalon) use.
Other Functions:
Teacher at FH bachelor degree programme logopedics