Dominic Welsh



Studied English & American Studies and Combined Studies (Media/Modern History) in Graz, Exchange in Groningen, NL; Language Trainer, Translator, Musician

Experience in industrial corporations und public institutions as a freelance trainer for Communication, and language training

Lecturer at Institute of Industrial Management, FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences

Graduate of post-grad Master's Programme at FH JOANNEUM "International Supply Management"

Teaching Focus:
English as a Foreign Language (EFL), English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP), Higher Education CLIL (HECLIL), Intercultural Communication.

Current Research:
ESAP, Speech Recognition, Intercultural Communication in Business and Industry.

Publications (As of 2020):

“Teaching Technical English – A HECLIL-Approach“. Conference presentation at 8th UAS Language Instruction Conference, FH JOANNEUM, 5/2016.

“Building Awareness in International Negotiations”. Conference Workshop, TBLT 2017, University of Barcelona, 4/2017.

“Speech Recognition Applications on an Augmented Reality Device for Use in a Smart Production Lab”. Conference presentation at EUROWEEK – Business Digitalization, FH JOANNEUM, Kapfenberg, 4/2018

Welsh, D., Sorko S.R., “Speech Recognition Applications for Use in a Smart Production Lab” in: Business Digitalization - New Business Models, Smart Production and the Human Side of Digitalization. Tschandl M./Sorko S.R. (Eds.). Leykam: Graz, 2019

Welsh D., Mezhuyev V., Irsa, W. "Interdisciplinary Terminology Framework for Teaching and Research in Learning Factories" Conference contribution at 10th Conference on Learning Factories, CLF2020, TU Graz, 4/2020. To be published in: Procedia Manufacturing, vol.39/2020