Johannes Dirnberger-Wild




Johannes Dirnberger-Wild is a lecturer at the Institute of Industrial Management and has been working at FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences since 2016, focusing on process management, supply chain management and logistics. Since then, he has been promoting the transfer of knowledge between applied research, business practice and university teaching in projects with industrial and industry-related companies in various sectors.

Dirnberger-Wild completed his master's degree in industrial management at FH JOANNEUM and a double degree at the University of Udine, where he has been working on his PhD in industrial and information engineering since 2021. Dirnberger-Wild is a member of the Austrian Association of Industrial Engineers (WING) and Marketing Director of the Industrial Management Club Kapfenberg (IMC).

Projects in industry (excerpt):

Implementation & investment concept for Automated Guided Vehicles for the flexible automation of internal transport processes (2023)

Evaluation and application of Lean Management & Value Engineering methods for product and process cost optimization in mechanical and plant engineering (2022)

Technical and economic potential analysis of Automated Guided Vehicles in a distribution center (2022)

Business process mapping and development of end-to-end target process models (2021)

Concept development for the identification of relevant processes for the implementation of Robotic Process Automation technology (2021)

Global business analytics in the field of purchasing: from industry benchmarks to business excellence by application of Process Mining (2020)

Publications (excerpt):

Dirnberger, Johannes/Loidl, Bernadette/Brunner, Uwe: Fundamental Framework for Task Mining Technology Adoption. 9th International Conference on Computer Technology Applications (ICCTA 2023). Vienna 2023.

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Burkart, Christian/Kampel, Iliana/Brunner, Uwe/Dirnberger, Johannes: The ABC of ecological sustainability in C-parts management: A maturity model for the evaluation of sustainability in C-parts management. Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Industrial Engineering and Automation ISIEA 2023, Springer Nature, Cham 2023, Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems.

Dirnberger, Johannes/Tschandl, Martin/Brunner, Uwe: Prozesscontrolling macht Prozessmanagement effektiver, in: Der Controlling-Berater, Band 69/2021, Haufe, Freiburg/München, S. 197-217.

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