FH-Prof. Mag. Dr.

Kaja Unger



Dr. Kaja Unger has completed her law studies at the Karl-Franzens University and subsequently completed a doctorate degree in law, the right course for computer science and her Court clerk. After her assistants at the Institute of Civil Law at the Karl-Franzens University in the framework Univ. Peter Bydlinski's organized project "Banking Law" she worked in the law-office of HYPO Steiermark and afterwords as a management assistant at a financial services provider operating in Austria. She was part-time lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Carinthia and Private University of Management in Vienna (PEF). Since 2005 she works full time in the legal office of the FH JOANNEUM in Graz and has teaching courses in the faculties of Internettechnologie and IT Law & Management in Kapfenberg, and at the faculty Social Work in Graz.