Karin Gebhardt




Doz. (FH) Karin Gebhardt, MSc studied health and hospital management in Nuremberg with a focus on public health. Afterwards she worked for 14 years in hospital management with a focus on internal and external quality and project management, public relations and interdisciplinary discharge management. She coordinated the cooperation in the "Network of Health-Promoting Hospitals" of the WHO as well as in regional hospital networks. She was responsible for moderation, evaluation and auditing in comprehensive structural, process and result related improvement processes.

While working, she completed a postgraduate master's degree in "Gerontology" at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, specialising in memory and competence training and health economics. She assessed retirement and nursing homes in 2 districts. She also trained as an "Ethics Advisor in Health Care" at the University of Basel and took over the management of an interdisciplinary Clinical Ethics Committee, which dealt in particular with ethical questions concerning the limitation of therapy at the end of life. Ethical concepts and recommendations for action were developed to aid decision-making in the clinical sector, and she also conducted clinical-ethical case consultations.

Since 2013 Doz. (FH) Karin Gebhardt, MSc has been working as a Senior Lecturer and Scientist at FH JOANNEUM. She teaches at several degree programmes in Public Health, Health Competence, Health Promotion and Prevention, Hygiene in Hospitals, Scientific Evaluations in Health Care, Health Economics, Wellness and Work, Demographic Change and Quality of Life, Ethics in Health Care and Management of Inpatient Health Care Facilities. It conducts research in several projects in the core areas mentioned above.