Mario Maierl




Mario Maierl teaches at the degree program "Biomedical Science" since 2015. He teaches in the fields of microbiological diagnostics and molecular biological methods in diagnostics and research.

Work Experience:

Lecturer at the FH JOANNEUM institute "Biomedical Science". Teaching in the degree programs "Biomedical Science" (since 2015) and 2015-2019 "Mass Spectrometry and Molecular Analysis".
Biomedical scientist at the Institut für Krankenhaushygiene und Mikrobiologie.
Biomedical scientist at the FH JOANNEUM in the research of molecular and microbiological mechanisms of bacterial biofilm formation.
Master’s program in “Molecular Microbiology” at the University of Graz
Bachelor’s degree program “Biomedical Science” at the FH JOANNEUM
Bachelor’s degree program “Technical Physics” at the Graz University of Technology
Maierl, M., Jörger, M., Rosker, P., and Reisner, A. (2015). In vitro Dynamic Model of a Catheterized Bladder and Biofilm Assay. Bio-Protocol 5, e1381.

Reisner, A., Maierl, M., Jörger, M., Krause, R., Berger, D., Haid, A., Tesic, D., and Zechner, E.L. (2014). Type 1 fimbriae contribute to catheter-associated urinary tract infections caused by Escherichia coli. J. Bacteriol. 196, 931–939.