Orhan Kipcak





born 1957 in istanbul, turkey, living in graz, austria. study of architecture in graz and vienna. media designer, conceptionist, producer.
since 1982 work with digital media and systems. since 1989: operation of a design company for media design (adm™) in graz. numerous projects in art, design, virtual exhibitions and digital exhibitions for museums, festivals, the public sector and the industry (biennale di venezia, ars electronica, zkm, reuters, etc.).
key researcher in eu research projects, projects in the field of tele-learning, game design and physical computing.
since early 90s teaching at universities in graz and vienna.
since 2001 head of mid major degree program of information design at the university of applied science graz (fh joanneum),
since 2009 also lecturer and senior lecturer at the university of applied arts, institut für sprachkunst (institute for creative writing), vienna.
2008, 2011 visiting lecturer at the hyperwerk, basel