Peter Wilhelmer



Peter Wilhelmer studied Economics and Psychology at the University of Graz. His Diploma degree thesis explored the work of the economist and social philosopher Friedrich A. Hayek. In a subsequent research project funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) he worked on the topic: Friedrich Wieser, a modern socio-economist. Peter Wilhelmer joined FH JOANNEUM GmbH in 1998 and has headed the Department of Quality Development and Management between 2011 and 2021. He has managed several projects at FH JOANNEUM including the following: pilot project “EFQM@FH JOANNEUM” (2011 to 2012); “” (2011 to 2012, together with Dietmar Ackerl, ZIT); overall project “EFQM@FH JOANNEUM” (2012 to 2013); “Recognized for Excellence” (2014 to 2016). Since 2021 he has been heading the staff position for quality analyses and innovation. Peter Wilhelmer also lectures at various FH JOANNEUM degree programmes in the fields of economics, economic and social policy and social philosophy.