FH-Prof. DI Dr.

Uwe Trattnig



Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Uwe Trattnig

Head of the senat at University of applied Sciences FH JOANNEUM

Head of Institute and Degree Programme

Institute of Energy and Transport Management

University of Applied Sciences FH JOANNEUM


Uwe Trattnig studied electrical engineering - specializing in electronics and communications engineering and electronics - at the Technical University of Graz, finishing in 1992. He worked as a test engineer at Austria Microsystems Inc. in the years 1993 to 1997. In 1997, he moved on to the energy industry, where he worked as a senior executive and managing director for the areas of distribution network management and hydropower plant operation and planning until 2011.

In 2002, Uwe Trattnig received his PhD from the Graz University of Technology in the field of high voltage grid operation (Alternative star point treatment for high-voltage distribution grid networks). Uwe Trattnig moved to FH-JOANNEUM in 2011 and since then he is working for the institute of Energy, Transport and Environmental Management. Since 2014 he is the head of the bachelor degree program and he took over the management of the whole institute in 2016. His main interests apply to the energy technology and energy industry as well as the interdisciplinary interaction of energy and mobility as well as related environmental issues and smart city topics. Uwe Trattnig is a court-certified expert in electrical engineering, electrical systems, appliances and security issues.

In 2018 Uwe Trattnig was elected as head of the senat of University of applied Sciences FH JOANNEUM.

The institute of Energy and Transport Management can provide knowledge in grid planning (up to 380 kV AC), grid operation procedures, protection devices, high voltage aspects, grid maintenance issues, sustainable and traditional energy technologies, electrical, thermal and hybrid networks and storage technologies and many aspects of smart city and transport management (incl. E-mobility) including environmental aspects.