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Annabell Spötl

The Exhibition Design graduate has been working in Graz as a freelance advertising designer since 2015.
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What I do

I develop concepts for exhibitions, trade fair stands and shops for my customers. I translate their wishes and requirements into designs and also organise the implementation, on request.
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Why I love my job

I love my job because

  • creative work and activities make me happy
  • I learn something new each day
  • I enjoy supporting design projects from the initial idea to the implementation

Important skills in my job

  • Securing new work
  • Creating
  • Presenting

The greatest success in my career to date

The development and production of a cash desk made from the keys of old computer keyboards. It was selected as one of the top 25 entries to the Recycling Design Award 2015 and was displayed as part of an exhibition tour in Germany and Austria.

How I found my current job

Setting up my own company was the result of a follow-up order from my Master’s thesis. At FH JOANNEUM, I was able to design and implement real-life projects as part of my studies. This allowed me to put my professional and entrepreneurial skills to the test and so there was nothing stopping me from setting up AMBIBELL.

What I learned for this job during my studies

  • Theory and practice of exhibition design
  • Conservation standards, project management and networking
  • Confident presentation to customers and dealing with the various stakeholders involved in a project
  • An awareness of my own value and how to avoid selling myself short.

Job prospects in my field

Someone with talent, motivation and design skills will always find a job in this sector.

I am

  • An optimistic realist with a tendency to find creative solutions.

About my job

My short-term goal is to gather experience as a freelancer which I can apply during my future at AMBIBELL. In the long-term, I could imagine managing a company with several employees.

For anyone interesting in pursuing the Master’s degree programme in Exhibition Design, I can recommend exploring both the theory and practice of the field before your studies.

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