Das Museum der zerbrochenen Beziehungen 6

Museum of broken relationships

Anja Liedl,

„Museum of broken relationships“ – What remains after a relationship goes to waste? A project of Media Design Masterstudents.

"The Museum of Broken Relationships" - A project within the framework of the seminar "Story & Visualisation" under the supervision of Tex Rubinowitz. What remains when a relationship falls apart? Tex Rubinowitz asked Masterstudents of the major "Media Design" this question in the course "Story & Visualisation". The answers to this question can now be found in a catalogue fresh off the press, entitled "The Museum of Broken Relationships". It shows objects that tell stories of ex-lovers. The significance of the objects remains even after the end of the relationship, because each of the objects contains a story or a memory of an emotional experience: from everyday pleasures to quarrels and arguments to misfortunes and nerve-racking habits. Visit our museum and learn how a toothbrush, a door lock or a piece of white chalk can symbolise a relationship or its end.