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Design Magazine – Interview with Karl Stocker

The international Design Magazine interviewed Karl Stocker, head of the Institute Design & Communication.

Design Magazine – Interview mit Karl Stocker

Karl Stocker was interviewed by Design Magazine about his motivations, goals, current projects and his role as head of the study programmes Information Design & Exhibition Design.

He elaborates on the huge challenges not only designers but societies as a whole have to face in the new century, but although the outlook is worrying, he still believes in the “power of design and creativity to transform society”. He also announces the forthcoming book with the title “Designing Sustainable Cities. Approaches That Would Not Hurt And Make Cities Better: Detroit, Graz, Istanbul, Mexico City and Puebla”, edited by Sigrid Bürstmayr and Karl Stocker, published by Birkhäuser. It will be presented in May 2020.

You can read the full interview here: Design Magazine – Interview with Karl Stocker