Privacy Policy - Cookie-Guidelines

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, phone or another web-enabled device when you visit a website. We distinguish between three categories of cookies: absolutely necessary cookies that secure basic functionality for this website, functional cookies that secure the performance of this website and goal-oriented cookies that help in improving the user experience of this website.

Course finder

On we use cookies related to the course finder. This helps us recognize, for example, if a user has previously filled out all the form fields, with this data as basis, personalized data will be shown in several instances on

Language settings

On we use cookies related to languages. This helps us, for example, to see which language a user has selected and display they choice they have selected for themselves for future sessions as well.

Statistical Evaluation (Tracking)

A goal-oriented cookie is being used for statistical evaluation of the use of our web offering. This data is forwarded to our statistical service, Google Analytics. Within the frame of a website visit, we collect the following data through a pixel integrated on every website:

  • Request (File name of the requested file)
  • Browser type/version (E.g.: Internet Explorer 8.0)
  • Browser language (Bsp.: English)
  • Operating system (Bsp.: Windows Vista)
  • Inside resolution of the browser window
  • Screen resolution
  • Javascript activation
  • Java On/Offf
  • Cookies On/Off
  • Color Depth
  • Referrer URL (the last URL visited before this site)
  • Anonymized IP addresses
  • Seek time
  • Clicks
  • Where appropriate, form data

If you don't want to be tracked for specifically, you can opt out of it. In this case, a cookie by the name of viewedcookiepolicy will be placed by the domain Your opting out stays valid as long as you do not delete this cookie. To opt out of our cookie policy, please click here.

Restricted functionality without cookies

If you opt out of us using cookies, some functionality and pages will not be working as well as expected. You can delete cookies, that are already saved to your device at any time. This process is different from browser to browser, please consult your browser's instructions, most likely to be found under "Help" in the browser menu.