Automotive Quality Universities

AQUA – an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project


AQUA tries to minimize the GAP between the current educational standards and the expectations of the automotive industry through offering an intense training for engineering students.

AQUA – an intense training course for engineering students to enlarge their knowledge

Currently, electronics and software route 70% of the functions of a modern car – tendency increasing. Different studies show that the influence of electronics and software will increase up to 90% or more. This leads to a high complexity when it comes to developing and building cars in the future. Interdisciplinary expertise is therefore relevant in order to deal with the increasing complexity of developing and building cars as at the same time the developing time is decreasing. The giant complexity of all functions of a car is intensified through further horizontal topics such as product- and process quality, reliability and functional safety.

International engineering standards for development quality such as Automotive SPICE®, ISO/IEC 15504, functional safety such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508 und Lean Six Sigma (production- and process quality) form the backbone of the automotive and supply industry. These standards allow a closer interaction among all stakeholder of the supply chain which leads to a more successful integration of all components of the complex system “car”. In reality this leads to enormous challenges in the development process. This demand has to be seen alongside with the missing amount of specialists and all-rounders.

AQUA offers a training which specializes on quality management in the automotive industry through a modular course which is offered in a practical environment in order to familiarize future employees with the current challenges in the automotive industry.

Target Groups

The main target group of the AQUA training are automotive engineering students. The training should contribute to a minimization of the current educational GAP and should educate students according to the demand of future employers.

Project Partners

  • Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava, VŠB (Czech Republic) (Coordinator)
  • European Manufacturing and Innovation Research Association, c/o Délégation Générale de Région Rhône-Alpes (Belgium)
  • I.S.C.N. International Software Consulting Network LTD (Ireland)
  • TU Graz (Austria)
  • Univerza v Mariboru, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Institute of Automation (Slovenia)

If you are interested to participate, please get in contact with our experts!