Doctoral School for Dependable Electronic-Based Systems




Collaboration works – Retreat

“Collaboration” within the DENISE project, denominated as "Creating Dependable Electronic-Based Systems," constituted the central theme of this year's retreat, held from September 20th to 22nd, 2023, at St. Ruprecht/Raab. During this event, doctoral students diligently advanced their research pursuits, showcasing the culmination of their scholarly endeavors over the preceding year. A pivotal component of their collective scholarly engagement during this 2.5-day retreat entailed the identification and exploration of common intersections among disparate research domains. These domains encompassed Network Devices, Embedded Systems, Mixed-Signal Processing, and Physical Systems.

Facilitated by the guidance of their doctoral advisors, substantive deliberations have engendered significant progress in the research pursuits of each student, culminating in a definitive refinement of their respective research topics and a strategic delineation of subsequent investigative steps. An integral facet of the forthcoming endeavors involves the dissemination of research findings through scholarly publications and active participation in premier international conferences. This ambitious undertaking necessitates a profound comprehension of the subject matter and a judicious direction provided by the supervisory cadre. Through collaborative discourse within the research cohort, pertinent challenges have been addressed, propelling the advancement of paper outcomes to the extent that both posters and papers have garnered acceptance within scholarly circles.

Kick-off meeting

Building the bridges concerning technical questions and getting to know each other better were the main goals of the DENISE kick-off meeting held from 19th to 20th September 2022 in Graz and Frohnleiten. The meeting was a great success.

As the DENISE doctoral school was started successfully it was the main goal to get deeper into the topics and to do a first year’s working programme for the PhD students. The aim was to discuss about the points of contact of the different topics which will be researched by the students and to demonstrate in which areas the students can learn from each other in order to get better results in their research area.

The connection between the topics and the supervissor’s expertise demonstrates the importance of the teamwork carried out by the whole doctoral’s school team. These two days of the kick-off meeting were dominated by developing a workplan for the first year, intensive technical discussions about each student’s strategy and a review by the professors to guide them into the right direction. Besides the social spirit was strengthened by joint activities and meals to weld together the whole team and to understand better different approaches to technical questions caused by intercultural differences.

The next steps are to dig deeper into the subjects by getting to know the scientific community at conferences, research in order to publish the first posters and papers and to do courses at the TUG and FH JOANNEUM to enrich very specific knowledge in the proper research fields.

Our students are working intensively on their topics.

Here our PhD students tell more about themselves.