Fields of Expertise

Development of Special Analytical Methods in Biomedicine and Industrial Pharmaceutics


The Institute investigates the impact of various environmental influences on the human organism and develops medical devices for use in molecular diagnostics in close cooperation with clients in industry and business.

Expertise in the fields of biomedicine and industrial pharmaceutics lies primarily in the development of medical devices and drugs manufacture for partners in business and the pharmaceutical industry. Working closely together with clients, the Institute of Biomedical Science examines the development of biofilms on medical devices and assesses the usability of medical technologies. Another focus relevant to industrial pharmaceutics is drug purity analysis in medicine manufacturing.

The Institute also cooperates closely in interdisciplinary research with other institutes at the Department of Health Studies. This includes, for example, optimising fertility diagnostics so that obesity can be diagnosed and prevented at an early stage, even while the foetus is still in the womb. This involves examining environmental influences and the impact of dietary habits on the organism at molecular biological level.