Anastasia Sfiri




Position at ZML - Innovative Learning Scenarios:
Anastasia Sfiri is responsible for training and advice, research and development, project management and project coordination at ZML. Her areas of work include e-moderation, communication and collaboration in virtual space as well as workshops and online trainings. She is also active in the fields of game based learning, instructional design and development of e-learning scenarios, usability design and evaluation and integration of gender mainstreaming in e-learning.

Professional experience:
In 2000 Anastasia Sfiri trained patients and staff of the LKH Graz Regional Hospital in the use of information and communication technologies. She has been involved in several national and international e-learning projects at ZML - Innovative Learning Scenarios since 2003.

BSc in Psychology, University of North Wales, Bangor, UK
MSc in Human Communication and Computing (Human Computer Interaction), University of Bath, UK
Graduate Diploma in Professional Studies, Online Education and Training, Institute of Education, University of London, UK
Course in Gender Competence and Gender Mainstreaming in Adult Education, GenderWerkstätte Graz
Certified e-moderator (Gilly Salmon), All Things in Moderation, UK