Erika Pernold



Position at ZML - Innovative Learning Scenarios:
Erika Pernold supports the Social Work degree programme in using the learning platform (helpdesk, training and documentation) and online lectures. Since 2013 she has focused in particular on teaching and learning videos and supports lecturers in the production and use of such materials. She also works on the Virtual Campus project, where she is responsible for the work package “Video”. She supports students and teaching staff in a range of activities in the field of e-learning. 
As a certified e-moderator (Gilly Salmon), Erika Pernold supports participants of courses such as Continuing Education in University Didactics in their learning processes in the virtual learning environment.

Professional experience:
While studying abroad, Erika Pernold worked as a German native speaker at a language school in Higashi-Hiroshima. After graduating she held a position at the Academy for New Media and Knowledge Transfer at the University of Graz working in the field of e-moderation and media didactics and also held lectures on new media.

Erika Pernold completed her secondary school education in 2000 at BHAK Monsbergergasse, Graz. She studied Social and Economic Sciences specialising in International Management at the University of Graz and graduated in 2006.
From 2005 to 2006 she studied at Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima in Japan.