Maja Dragan



Maja Dragan graduated in 2000 at Karl-Franzens University in Graz. She worked at the School centre Slovenske Konjice-Zrece in Slovenia as the head of Adult education department, teacher for English and German language, translator and coordinator for international projects for 17 years. She has got pedagogic and andragogic education, she is expert of quality management and EFQM assessor and has got Slovenian qualifications for Adult counselling and Quality counselling, mentor and leader of study circles. She has worked within several Slovenian national projects (Leader, Phare, LLL partnership, E-material, Non-formal education for Employed and Un-employed persons) and also international projects (CEDEFOP 2007, LdV Mobility 2006, Academia 2011, Study visit Poitiers Quality Assurance in VET 2013, SI-AT Koop Flexible Automation 2011, LdV Flexcell 2012, CWIC 2013, Erasmus+ Tech Vet 2017) in the role of translator, project coordinator, exchange partner, teacher and trainer. She has been participating in projects where cooperative and work integrated education was developed and supported. Since 2018 she has worked at the FH Joanneum within the study program Product technology and Organisation.