Equality and Diversity

Gender Equality Plan


Our Gender Equality Plan updated in December 2022 is designed to promote gender equality at our university. The Gender Equality Plan defines the equality objectives of FH JOANNEUM and specifies concrete stages of implementation at various levels of activity. The Gender Equality Plan addresses (social) gender as well as additional dimensions in diversity.

We pursue the objective of promoting gender equality and diversity at our university by putting in place a broad range of institutional measures and practical initiatives in everyday university life. The FH JOANNEUM Gender Equality Plan (GEP) updated in December 2022 brings together the various equality-related documents and activities of FH JOANNEUM within a uniform framework.

In addition to defining our equality and diversity objectives, the GEP also encompasses measures derived from these objectives alongside reporting and adaptation routines and the provision of resources. These elements interact to form a systematic and structured tool to promote gender equality and diversity and to meet the requirements placed on education and research establishments laid out in the European Union’s Horizon Europe research framework programme.

Key elements of the FH JOANNEUM Gender Equality Plan:
Declaration on Gender Equality and Diversity at FH JOANNEUM: The FH JOANNEUM Gender Equality Plan

In its Declaration of December 2022, the management of FH JOANNEUM commits to actively and continuously promoting the implementation of equality measures at FH JOANNEUM. The Declaration can be accessed here (in German).

FH JOANNEUM Diversity and Equality Plan

The Diversity and Equality Plan defines our strategic objectives in relation to gender equality, diversity and equal opportunities. The Diversity and Equality Plan adopted in August 2022 forms an integral part of the statute and can be viewed here (in German).

Diversity and Equality Action Plan

The current Diversity and Equality Action Plan for the 2023 to 2025 period is currently being finalised and will soon be accessible here

Diversity and Equality Report

We document the implementation and impact of our measures for promoting equality and diversity in regular reports. These reports form the basis for continuing and updating the Diversity and Equality Action Plan. The current Diversity and Equality Report for 2021 is currently being finalised and will soon be accessible here

Resources for promoting gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity

We provide resources to support the implementation of our objectives. Core staff resources, for example, include the Office for Equality and Diversity and the Working Group for Equal Opportunities and Diversity. We also address the integration of gender & diversity issues in FH JOANNEUM’s research, teaching and organisational culture by providing training and further education, information offers and practical guidance, e.g. in the form of Gender-Neutral Language Guidelines (in German).

Gender Mainstreaming for us means that gender aspects represent a cross-cutting topic relevant to all levels of organisation and action and for all FH JOANNEUM degree programmes and departments. We also see ourselves as an educational facility with a broad understanding of diversity and individuality using an intersectional approach which includes gender but also other dimensions of diversity. Accepting social diversity and striving to eradicate discrimination are an important basis for working and studying at FH JOANNEUM.