Equality & Diversity

Studying with a Disability


Physical or mental impairments and chronic illnesses often make studying considerably more difficult and often involve more time and effort. However, this should not prevent you from completing a degree at FH JOANNEUM.

FH JOANNEUM strives to ensure that every student, with or without disabilities, is able to study, and will provide you with individual support throughout your studies. Given sufficient preparation and planning, it is possible to create the right conditions. Our peer counsellor can help organise additional aids and resources and is there to talk to about special arrangements. There is also the possibility of undertaking periods abroad as part of the Erasmus+ programme. The equal treatment of applicants with disabilities is also important to FH JOANNEUM. To ensure this, fair practices have to be in place to provide equal opportunities when it comes to the admissions procedure.

What does FH JOANNEUM have to offer?

  • Accessible campus
  • Disabled access to the buildings at all three campuses in Graz, Bad Gleichenberg and Kapfenberg
  • Disabled toilets are available
  • Accessible accommodation right next to FH JOANNEUM at Eggenberger Allee 11.
    Greenbox WEST
  • Support with the organisation of aids such as wheelchair stair climbers, wheelchairs, daily living aids, walking and standing aids and much more.
    Catalogue of aids

What services can we offer? And for whom?

  • Peer-to-peer counselling for students with a physical, cognitive or mental impairment who are already students at FH JOANNEUM.
    Peer counsellor
    Ena Friess

    E: verena.friess2@fh-joanneum.at

  • Consultations for people with disabilities who are interested in studying at FH JOANNEUM.

  • Special arrangements regarding admission or examination procedures if, for example, you need extra time or aids because of your disability.

Contact the Equality and Diversity Office of FH JOANNEUM as early as possible. This gives us the opportunity to implement any measures and provisions as best as possible.

  • Information on periods abroad as part of your degree, on the Erasmus+ programme and special grants. Individual advice and information is available from the International Relations Office.
    Contact: E: international@fh-joanneum.at

  • Advice on extra-curricular activities, which are of course also open to people with disabilities and chronic illnesses at FH JOANNEUM (e.g. Tandem Programme, etc.)

  • Advice on finding a course of study: Our team look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions you may have about study options, admission criteria and career opportunities. Information and contact: www.fh-joanneum.at/en/course-guidance/

Peer to Peer

FH JOANNEUM launched the academic certificate programme Academic Peer Counselor in the 2018 academic year. Since then, students with physical, mental or cognitive impairments have been able to get peer advice. Before you start your course, please notify the programme head about your impairment or chronic illness. With enough time, teaching staff can prepare and provide the kind of support you need.