Science in Motion #2 – Power Electronics

A series of events on selected research topics at FH JOANNEUM


Science in Motion is a series of events organized by FH JOANNEUM. Researchers present their projects and provide insights into the infrastructure. On March 7th, 2019, there will be an opportunity to closely observe research into high-efficiency power electronics.

Following our motto Science in Motion, FH JOANNEUM will present its latest research results as part of a series of events. Our laboratories open their doors and the researchers report on their work. The second event of the series entitled Science in Motion is on March 7th, 2019: The JOANNEUM Power Electronics Center will be presented. After the official welcome, the visitors can expect keynote speeches and a panel discussion on the subject of power electronics. Our research partners are also represented. A network meeting afterwards forms the supporting program.

Research Topic: Power Electronics

High-efficiency energy conversion and innovative power electronics for the future. The JOANNEUM Power Electronics Center (JPEC) conducts research into minimising the energy loss between power station and wall sockets by means of ultra compact power electronics components with the aim of increasing the efficiency of electricity transmission. Electrical energy undergoes many conversions from production to wall sockets, and each time energy is lost. Losses from these conversions have been continually reduced in the last decades, but they still amount to a high percentage of global electricity consumption.

The JOANNEUM Power Electronics Center has been concentrating on a comprehensive optimisation approach in relation to topologies, filters, advanced packaging and the associated dynamic controls on the basis of a combination of high-performance microprocessors and configurable logic. The design of a highly efficient driver chip for transistors should finally complement the approach to comprehensive circuit optimisation.


Further information: JOANNEUM Power Electronics Center.