Styrian Folk Dance Workshop

Intercultural skills and intercultural competence

Styrian Folk Dance Workshop 2

Folk dancing can be learned and is fun to do. The International Relations Office and the ARGE Volkstanz Steiermark invite you to get a taste of the world of folk dancing in Styria, in Austria on 10 May 2022.

We will try basic dances: Polka, Boarischer, Styrian Waltz. We will get to know terms like: Cross frame, mazurka step, repositioning step, open and closed dance posture and We will learn how to clap, to stomp, to readjust and to dance up.


If you want to register, please send an e-mail to Flora Bodrogi. There is a small participation fee of 5,00 €. There is a limited number of places available so register as soon as possible. The deadline for registering is 8 May 2022. Please also be aware that once you are signed up, we count on your participation and attendance!