Richard Sbüll

Complex electronics, creativity and a passion for detail inspired Richard Sbüll to set up his own company after graduating from FH JOANNEUM.


Key data

Job description: CEO

Company: Supersonic, Vienna.
I founded the company in 2015.


Social URLs:


What I do:

  • Development, production and sales of high-end hi-fi devices
  • Restoration, repair and re-interpretation of classic tube radios
  • Embedded electronics & ASIC design

Why I love my job:

  • Music and electronics always impressed me as a child. And now I can link both in my job.
  • I am motivated by preserving beautiful appliances for future generations and giving joy to others.
  • The personal freedom of being an entrepreneur and the contact with customers.

What I don’t like so much about my job

  • As a self-employed person, you could work 24 hours a day. It is not always easy to set your own boundaries and look after your health.

Important skills in my job:

  • Passion and the related technical skills
  • Consistency and stamina
  • Enjoying communicating

My greatest success / My greatest experience so far

Approaching tasks where I was unsure at the start if I would be able to complete them is a great challenge for me, for example, the extremely elaborate restoration of a piece of sound system furniture from the 1950s. When I am standing in-front of the appliance at the end of the process, I know that it is the only one in the world and there is no other firm developing this furniture to the same quality level. That’s a great feeling.

How I found my current job

I didn’t want to spend all day sitting behind a computer anymore and I also needed to take some time out for health reasons. So at that time, I simply did what I enjoyed and that’s how Supersonic came about.

What I learned for this job during my studies

Above all, technical skills. My FH degree course gave me the basis for being able to do something meaningful in the field of complex electronics. Studying here is essential.

Job prospects in my field:

Personal enthusiasm is definitely important. However this alone is not sufficient to set up a successful company. Luck also plays a part, i.e. being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing.

I am:

  • enthusiastic
  • creative
  • consistent

About my job:

Over the next few years, I will develop Supersonic further and launch new products onto the market and finally it is my goal for Supersonic to be the number one address for historic tube radio appliances in the German-speaking region. We are already well on our way there. I try to find a balance between ambition and enjoyment so that the pleasure of the job remains.

Vienna is the optimal city for my company. There is a big vintage and crafts community here. Vienna also has good access to the print and TV media and is good for networking. There are many specialists and perfectionists who contribute components to my products. You cannot do everything by yourself. Here there is really a pool of unbelievably capable people with whom I can exchange ideas.