Semester courses

Learn a language on a high level in 15 weeks!


Our semester courses are designed so that they can be attended by virtually all students and employees of FH JOANNEUM. Timewise, they are based on the semester timetable for most degree programmes, last 15 weeks and include 30 hours of teaching (2 hours per week). If you pass a language course successfully, you will be awarded 3 ECTS credits which count towards the Intercultural Skills Certificate (ISC)! All our semester courses are open to students AND staff of FH JOANNEUM! Sounds good, right?

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As rooms can change during the semester, please check course times and rooms frequently online!


The course fee covers the course comprising 30 units of 45 minutes and the course materials (book or handouts).

  • FH JOANNEUM students: € 90,-
  • FH JOANNEUM graduates: € 190,-
  • FH JOANNEUM staff: free of charge if approved by a superior; in other cases: € 190,-
  • Family members of FH JOANNEUM students and staff (minimum age 18 years): € 190,-
  • External participants (minimum age 18 years): € 220,-


In the language courses at CAMPUS LinguNEUM we pay special attention to the needs of different target groups.

Our "advanced level" courses are particularly suitable for** language learners with previous knowledge from school** or comparable course systems. In the first two semesters, these concentrate on repeating and consolidating language structures. In the last two semesters, we focus on developing communication skills in a professional environment. This structure is available for the Romance languages French, Italian and Spanish. For BKS (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian), we offer courses for speakers with a family language background at the advanced level. These are particularly suitable for language learners with a mother tongue background who want to become aware of the language structures and improve their reading and writing skills.

Our "general language courses" are suitable for participants without previous knowledge.

You will find detailed course descriptions under the menu item "course programme".

If you have any questions about our course structure and/or placement in general, we will be happy to advise you by phone, in person or by e-mail! In the following slider you will find an overview of the course structures of the semester courses at CAMPUS LinguaNEUM.

Registration for the semester courses 2020/21 opens on 14 December 2020 and is possible until 14 February 2021. Please note that that the number of course places is limited! All semester courses start in the week of 1 March 2020!




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