Intercultural Skills Certificate

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At FH JOANNEUM we offer students many opportunities to acquire intercultural skills during their courses. The ISC is a certificate which testifies that you have acquired intercultural and language skills during the course of your studies, and acts as an additional qualification.

It’s high time to demonstrate your intercultural skills! Intercultural competence and an understanding of interculturalism are increasingly becoming key qualifications for future careers. Both signify confidence in your ability to move in different cultural and linguistic settings, to think inclusively, and to feel secure in the role of “being foreign”. Intercultural skills also include a solid level of fluency in foreign languages, a great talent for observation, and openness to people from different cultural backgrounds.

How do I get my ISC?

To be awarded the ISC from FH JOANNEUM you must be a student or exchange student at FH JOANNEUM and demonstrate skills in four areas of competence (KM1-KM4). These four competence modules are covering a wide range of skills in an intercultural context and should be completed during your studies at FH JOANNEUM. In order to complete all four competence modules in time, students should start to prepare for the ISC at the start of their studies. A checklist can be found at the end of this page.

Students can apply online for the ISC which will be issued by the International Relations Office within two weeks.

An overview of the competence modules:

Module 1 (KM1): Language fluency

Language fluency is an indispensable extra qualification in this era of globalisation, both during your studies as well as for your subsequent career. Students can choose between option 1 (good knowledge in two foreign languages) or option 2 (good knowledge in one foreign language and basic knowledge in two other foreign languages).

Option 1: Two foreign languages (Level C1 and B2)
Option 2: Three foreign languages (Level C1, A2, A2)

Required proof:
* Language certificate / Confirmation

Valid certificates / confirmations:
* International valid language certificates (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, ÖSD), not older than 3 years
* OLS confirmation (for Erasmus students and trainees)
* Confirmation of FHJ language teachers
* Confirmation of the ISZ (Internationales Sprachzentrum)

FH JOANNEUM offers a wide variety of language courses. Courses are also offered in German as a foreign language (DaF) for students whose mother tongue is not German. You’ll find the current course programme here.


Other institutions offering language courses: WIFI, Volkshochschule, URANIA.

Module 2 (KM2): Study abroad / work placement abroad

A study abroad or a work placement abroad offers an excellent opportunity to deepen and extend your subject knowledge and language fluency. You will not only get a new perspective on your own subject of study, you will also improve your intercultural skills. Study semesters and work placements (minimum 2 months) spent abroad can be counted towards the ISC.

Required proof:
* Confirmation of Stay
* Experience Report KM2 (template at the end of this page)


The International Relations Office is happy to advise you about these opportunities and on financing a stay abroad.

Module 3 (KM3): Intercultural courses

This module encompasses lectures on intercultural competence of at least 2 ECTS within your studies. Both compulsory subjects as well as elective and optional subjects count towards the qualification. At least two intercultural courses have to be completed to be counted towards the ISC:

Option 1: Two courses of the International Relations Office Here you can find courses of the International Relations Office within the intercultural focus R.U.D.I.

Option 2: One course at the International Relations Office AND another intercultural course at the degree program or at a partner institution respectively

Required proof:
* Transcript of Records or Confirmation of Participation
* Experience Report KM3 (template at the end of this page)

Module 4 (KM4): Intercultural and social involvement

You can also gain international experience here at FH JOANNEUM! There are many opportunities at FH JOANNEUM to become involved in an intercultural environment (Internationalisation @ home). One such possibility is the Buddy Programme. “Buddies” are FH students who help exchange students by providing advice and support while serving as cultural mediators. Another opportunity for intercultural involvement is active participation in the Tandem programme. Involvement in an international student organisation (e.g. AIESEC, IAESTE or ESN) also count towards the ISC.

Option 1: Intercultural and social involvement at the FH JOANNEUM
For example:
* Tandem Programme
* Volunteer work at the International Relations Office
* TWOgether Mentorship Program
* and many more

Option 2: Intercultural and social involvement at another organization
For example:
* öh joanneum (Austrian students' union at FH JOANNEUM)
* Lebenshilfe

Required proof:
* Confirmation of Participation
* Experience Report KM4 (template at the end of this page)

Application for the Intercultural Skills Certificate