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German as a foreign language

German as a Foreign Language

With an increasing knowledge of German, you will find many new opportunities to experience and discover Austria. Cinema, theatre, reading newspapers, meeting new people, travelling and much more – all will become adventures and will make your stay in Austria an unforgettable experience. And perhaps you will return to your native country with the feeling that you haven’t been “abroad” over the past months, because the country, its language and culture have all become a part of you!

German as a Foreign Language 2

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Girl power in the German language: 46% of the three German articles are female!
Source: „Unnützes Sprachwissen. Erstaunliches über unsere Sprache”, Duden 2012
The German language ought to be gently and reverently set aside among the dead languages, for only the dead have time to learn it.
Mark Twain, US writer

Mark Twain’s opinion of the German language, while provocative, ironic and amusing, doesn’t accord with linguistic reality at all. German may not be the easiest language in the world, but it is certainly not the most difficult. Take our neighbours for example, in Slovenia they have six cases and two different plural forms, and Hungarian generally counts as one of the most complex and challenging of all languages for learners. So, everyone can learn German and have fun doing so! A language opens the door to another culture, especially when you live here for a longer time and are discovering so many new things.

Why learn German, when everyone speaks English?
Admittedly, that is a good question, but one to which there is a clear answer: If I don’t, I am only getting to see the façade of a country. To understand and master the language of a country means to learn and understand something of the culture, the mentality and perhaps also the peculiarities of its people. If this doesn’t interest you then, of course, English is sufficient. The decision lies with each individual – whether they see life in a country as a visit to a supermarket in which they serve themselves without having to speak much, or whether they wish to discover something of the real life which is hidden behind the façade.

Have fun learning German and discovering Austria!

What do the German words “Rentner” and “Uhu” have in common? The are so calles “Palindroms”, words which can be read onwards and backwards with the same meaning! There are also whole phrases working like that: “Trug Tim eine so helle Hose nie mit Gurt?” [Did Tim never wear such a light colored trouser without belt?] oder “Rettender Retter, red` netter!”
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