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Outgoing Internship


Here you find all necessary information for the application process for the Erasmus+ grant.

Application for the Erasmus+ grant within and outside Europe

The application consists of your application data, the registration in Mobility Online and the related documents such as Learning Agreement for Traineeship and Grant Agreement.

The application data must be submitted at least eight weeks before the start of the internship. Funding after the start of the internship is not possible. To apply for an Erasmus+ Internship Grant, the following document must be submitted by email to (see form below):

Further process:

  1. You will receive a link from us to the Mobility Online database where you register for the grant.
  2. After successful registration, some steps have to be done in Mobility Online, e.g. completing the personal data, signing the liability waiver, ect.
  3. After that it is possible for you to download the Learning Agreement.
  4. The completed and signed Learning Agreement will be uploaded by you in the Mobility Online database.
  5. The Grant Agreement will be unlocked, signed by you, uploaded and countersigned by the International Office.
  6. Payment of the first rate (80%)
  7. After the stay all necessary documents will be uploaded to Mobility Online.
  8. Your second payment (20%) will be calculated and paid out.

What is a Learning Agreement?

The learning agreement essentially describes the program of the internship, it defines the learning objectives for the learning phase abroad. It also contains provisions for the formal recognition of the learning outcomes. It must be signed by the company or organization where you are doing your internship, by your program director and by you.

What is a Grant Agreement?

The grant agreement is concluded between the sending institution and the student or university staff before the start of the stay abroad. It forms the contractual and financial basis of the stay abroad and must therefore be submitted in the original. The grant agreement contains, among other things, the duration of the funding period, the reporting obligations of the grantee as well as the envisaged Erasmus+ financial support and the payment method.

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