Here you will find all the necessary information for your application. We are happy to support you so that you can enjoy your semester abroad to the fullest.

For your application you will be in touch with three or four institutions:

1. FH JOANNEUM: International Coordinator of your degree programme

When you decide to study abroad, the first step is to get in touch with the international coordinator of your degree programme and apply for it. There are different regulations and deadlines at different departments. Nevertheless, the following cirteria apply to most degree programmes:

  • (English) letter of motivation
  • academic achievements
  • language knowledge
  • international engagement (e.g. participation in buddy programme)

For details on the selection criteria please ask the international coordinator of your degree programme.

2. Your host institution

After being selected at the degree programme, your coordinator nominates you as an exchange student at the partner institution. When the partner institution has confirmed your nomination, you have to officially apply at your partner institutions. You should find the application requirements of your host institution on their web page or information will be sent out via e-mail. If not get in touch with the international coordinator there.

3. FH JOANNEUM: International Office

After your application has been confirmed by the partner university, you will receive a link to the Mobility Online database where you can register for the grant. Mobility Online is also used to handle the entire process, including the learning agreement, grant agreement, payment, course change, extension, etc.

You can find the application documents collected on Mobility Online. There you will find all documents (Learning Agreement, Grant Agreement, etc.) at the right time for download.

4. Austrian study grant (Studienbeihilfenbehörde)
If you get an Austrian study grant you have to apply for the study abroad grant at the Austrian grant office.

What is a Learning Agreement?

The learning agreement essentially describes the program of the internship, it defines the learning objectives for the learning phase abroad. It also contains provisions for the formal recognition of the learning outcomes. It must be signed by the company or organization where you are doing your internship, by your program director and by you.

What is a Grant Agreement?

The grant agreement is concluded between the sending institution and the student or university staff before the start of the stay abroad. It forms the contractual and financial basis of the stay abroad and must therefore be submitted in the original. The grant agreement contains, among other things, the duration of the funding period, the reporting obligations of the grantee as well as the envisaged Erasmus+ financial support and the payment method.