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FH JOANNEUM, Med Uni Graz and TU Graz (BMK Endowed Professorship for Aviation) have jointly invested in an industrial micro-computed tomography scanner for transdisciplinary teaching and research as part of the Triple4Science project. The investment was sponsored by Zukunftsfonds Steiermark.

The micro-computed tomography scanner (micro-CT) at FH JOANNEUM Graz enables high-resolution density measurement of bone tissue structures in medicine and quality assurance of additive-manufactured and joined hybrid components, i.e. the investigation of production-related deviations, bonding defects and other defects.

The use of the micro-CT also allows the implementation of innovative, research-led courses in the fields of materials testing, image reconstruction and image analysis. The shared-use concept also promotes synergies in the areas of transdisciplinary knowledge transfer and collaborative research and innovation.

The micro-CT is an industrial Werth Tomoscope XS computed tomography scanner. The specifications were defined taking into account the specific requirements of all three universities. The computed tomography scanner will be used by the partners in teaching and research and is also available to industry.

Measuring system

Tomoscope XS (Werth)

  • Coordinate measuring machine with X-ray computed tomography sensor
  • Max. part dimensions: 277 mm diameter, 150 mm length
  • Max. permissible length measurement error: 4.5 µm
  • Applications:
  • Metrology
  • Plastic casings and covers
  • 3D printed workpieces
  • Packaging, PET bottles and preforms
  • Analysis of biological/organic materials
  • Analysis of metallic materials
  • Detection of air inclusions or contaminants
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