Aus der ganzen Welt nach Kapfenberg - Studierende erzählen 5
Photo: FH JOANNEUM / Leopold Ilic

From all over the world to Kapfenberg – students tell their stories

Leopold Ilic,

Amal, Hamze, Jennifer, and Kristi, four international students at FH JOANNEUM Kapfenberg, give insights into their onboarding process, their master’s degree program “Energy and Transport Management”, their life in a new country and their tips for applications. Here are their stories.

The onboarding process

Amal, Hamze, Jennifer and Kristi agree that the onboarding process is easier for EU students than for those from third countries. Nevertheless, students from third countries are very welcome at FH JOANNEUM. Kristi from Indonesia talks about her experience: "The onboarding process was a challenge, especially obtaining a residence permit in Austria. Fortunately, I received full support from FH JOANNEUM, especially from the International Relations office in Kapfenberg. Thanks to their efforts, I was able to come to Austria", she says.

Life in a new country

The different experiences and adventures that are new and exciting for international students show how diverse their backgrounds are. Amal from India was surprised by the snow and cold temperatures in winter when he arrived in Austria: "It was quite a change for me, I come from a part of India where snow is rare", he laughs. Jennifer from the Netherlands had to get into the habit of always carrying cash, unlike in her home country. Kristi from Indonesia was surprised by the opening hours of the supermarkets, especially their closure on Sundays. "But we have learned to appreciate the cultural diversity and to benefit from our experiences in Austria", everyone agrees.

The search for the perfect master’s degree program

Hamze from Somalia reports on his approach to finding the right master’s degree course: "I did extensive online research on various universities and compared the courses they offered. I was particularly interested in a master’s course that was taught entirely in English. I also wanted a course that focused on practical learning experiences. That's why I contacted the people at the FH JOANNEUM Study Center directly, who provided me with perfect information", he says.

Highlights of the degree program

"I really appreciate the support system at FH JOANNEUM, both from the academic staff and the organization, including the secretariat, the International Relations office and the lecturers. Everyone is always helpful and there for us if we have any questions or concerns", says Kristi enthusiastically. Jennifer raves about the Erasmus+ Blended Intensive programs offered by her degree program and the new experiences she can gain at FH JOANNEUM's partner universities. "I am thrilled by the international flair in Kapfenberg. The students come from all over the world - Egypt, Croatia, Nigeria, India, etc. - and we all benefit from that", says Hamze.

Tips for applying to FH JOANNEUM

First and foremost, Hamze from Somalia recommends finding out more about the course on the FH JOANNEUM website. "Don't hesitate to get in touch with the contact persons listed if you have any questions. They are always happy to help", he also advises. Amal and Kristi emphasize that students from third countries should apply in good time. It should be borne in mind that students from third countries are responsible for all costs during the two-year course. "We would also advise you to keep a close eye on the timetable and all deadlines so that no problems arise in the event of unforeseen delays", they explain, "because even if FH JOANNEUM supports you everywhere, you can't start your studies without a residence permit!" You should also make sure that the documents meet the requirements, for example whether they need to be translated into German. "Basically, good preparation is the be-all and end-all of studying abroad", they say unanimously in conclusion. Then nothing stands in the way of an exciting and enriching stay abroad.

Many thanks to Amal, Hamze, Jennifer, and Kristi for their inspiring stories!

Photo: FH JOANNEUM / Leopold Ilic

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