Staff Mobility im Rahmen unserer European University
Participation in a course at MONDRAGON University. - Photos: Marion Toblier

Staff mobility as part of our European University

Marion Toblier,

FH JOANNEUM staff can take advantage of Erasmus-funded staff mobilities to exchange ideas with colleagues internationally and learn from the local organization.

MONDRAGON University is one of nine European universities working with FH JOANNEUM to establish the first European Dual University in the EU4DUAL - European University Alliance For Dual Education project.

MONDRAGON University is a private university in the Basque Country in the north of Spain, which consists of nine different campuses and was founded in 1943. The university has four different departments, some of which are located at different sites. I was able to visit the "Business Studies" and "Engineering" departments in Mondragon, Hernani and Bilbao, among others.

I was warmly welcomed by all my colleagues on site and felt very well looked after everywhere. The program on site was very varied: from a campus tour to participation in a course. I had many opportunities to talk to colleagues on site about their work and mine. I gained an insight into the work of the International Office, had the opportunity to talk about the dual study program and was given a guided tour of student projects.

Apart from the professional exchange, there were many opportunities to get to know the culture better and learn a lot about the Basque Country. I can now greet and say goodbye to colleagues in Basque and am convinced that the taste of Basque pintxos is second to none.

But what I have learned above all: International universities have a lot in common, but also different approaches and ideas. I am very grateful for this exchange - the look behind the scenes has enabled me to create new ways of thinking for a successful working day.