We Change: Maturity, freedom, interaction

Michael Forster,

In the exhibition “We Change” students of the bachelor’s degree programme in Information Design presented their work created during the semester.

At the exhibition "We Change" the students of the Bachelor's degree programme in Information Design presented their projects of the winter semester 2019/20. The exhibition was opened on 23/01 at Designforum Graz.

In addition to films which the students of the major Media Design realized during the semester several 360° videos were shown at the VR stations. The films were created in cooperation with the TV station OktoTV and show the versatile interpretations of the term freedom. Nature plays a dominant role in large parts of the works shown. The depictions range from threatening scenarios to fascinating mountain worlds and the freedom associated with them.

For the second time, the presentation of this year's edition of the magazine "Dotter" also took place in the course of the final exhibition. This issue’s theme was "Maturity". The magazine was designed by the Information Design students, class of 2017, majoring in Communication Design. The content of the magazine was conceived and implemented by the students themselves and developed independently from start to finish.

The students of the major Interaction Design deal with interfaces between people and digital content. In the courses App Design, Digital Branding, Creative Technologies, Game Design, Digital Books as well as Social Media Campaigning the students develop these interface. The aim is to optimize the interaction between user and digital content.

The high quality of the work pieces and the students’ commitment not only impressed the course leaders, Tomislav Bobinec, Dietmar Mosbacher and Christoph Neuhold, but also the head of the Institute of Design and Communication Karl Stocker. The audience at the Designforum Graz was also visibly impressed by the students' works.