Languages of the World – World of Languages | European Design Award 2019 for Julia Baldauf


Julia Baldauf won the European Design Awards 2019 for her master thesis.

"Languages of the World – World of Languages"

Language shapes our communication, our perception and our being. Language is far more than the structured articulation of words. It embodies our sufferings, joys, fears and hopes, through it we explain the world to ourselves and form our reality. This thesis called “Languages of the World – World of Languages” is divided into three segments. The core is formed by the practical part which is dedicated to framing the meaning of untranslatable words, which are reflecting concepts from all over the world. The practical part is accompanied by two theoretical sections on the definition, effect and perception of language. The intention here is to explain the role of language in the creation of visions and ideas and to draw attention to the limits it can simultaneously impose on us. Through language it becomes possible to grasp constructs of thought and to encourage lateral thinking.

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