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About ponytail palms and snake plants

An illustrated guide for houseplants in urban apartments
Von Elefantenfüßen und Schwiegermutterzungen 1

© FH JOANNEUM / Information Design

Houseplants are one of the most sought-after trend objects in home decorating at the moment. In the lobbies of boutique-hotels, coffee shops, in creative studios or in one’s own home – they have long lost the image of old-fashioned, unloved plants that do nothing but collect dust.

This bachelor’s thesis deals with the phenomenon behind the popularity of houseplants. The bachelor’s thesis consists of two parts: the work piece – an illustrated guide to houseplants – and the documentation with the theoretical background. The author gives an overview of the field of illustration, its starting point, its role in the media and its current position. Also the fascination for houseplants, their aesthetic value, positive psychological impact on their owners and air-cleaning properties are examined.

Von Elefantenfüßen und Schwiegermutterzungen

© FH JOANNEUM / Information Design

Von Elefantenfüßen und Schwiegermutterzungen 2

© FH JOANNEUM / Information Design

Von Elefantenfüßen und Schwiegermutterzungen 4

© FH JOANNEUM / Information Design

Photo: © FH JOANNEUM / Information Design

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