Cooperation with BMW Group Design München (D)

Autonomous driving is for BMW, just as for other car manufacturers, an important topic.

Autonomous driving is for BMW, just as for other car manufacturers, an important topic. An automatic steering of vehicles will change the design of the car’s interior dramatically, since the requirements of and open space for passengers will alter greatly. For BMW, the following question is of importance: How can BMW’s brand values be experienced in an autonomous car, both in the exterior as well as in the interior? Of key importance in this context is that brand values are designed in a credible and recognizable way, as well as being attractive for the different target groups of BMW.

Project: BMW Automated Driving in cooperation with BMW Group Design Munich (Germany)

Design and Sustainability / 2nd Semester, Master’s degree programme, summer 2016

In cooperation with BMW Group Design Munich some students designed this one for their master's degree programme.
Photo: Behind the Scenes by Benjamin Loinger

BMW auriga

Philipp Fromme, Daniel Brunsteiner, Florian Howecker

The visual analogy of a draft horse shows the strength and autonomy of the vehicle on the outside. A clear separation of drivetrain and passenger cabin (just like in a horse-drawn carriage) creates a new luxurious sense of space. The joy of owning the BMW auriga is amplified by the car’s intelligence, affording the owner a new kind of freedom.


Jan Ernhardt, Jenny Gebler, Laura Lang, Marian Massegg

The target group of the Next Digital Natives sees technologies not only as a useful tool people surround themselves with: technology is lived – and lives. Hence, the car is not only simply a means of transport. With the integration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, it becomes a surface on which to project human emotions.

BMW I AM focuses on the symbiosis between human and machine. The user interacts with the vehicle via an intuitive tactile interface, in turn underlining its vivacity. This strengthens the ever-growing relationship between user and machine and thus creates the necessary trust and acceptance of the fully autonomous movement.


BMW xBASE is the ideal companion for sport activities. Built for mountain biking, climbing or surfing, it’s there for you whether you are in the planning stage, need to be brought to the best starting point, want a place to relax during breaks, or need a pick-up when you are finished. Due to its functional outer surface, various types of sports equipment can easily be transported, making the compact BMW xBASE also ideal for urban use.

BMW iSetta

Thomas Gössler, Martin Friedrich

The determining design element of the BMW iSetta is a dominant and curved line, connecting the two wheel arches. It is an iconographic element of the first iSetta and was hence carefully integrated into the design language of the concept. The premium concept is transported through simple but high-quality surfaces, both to the inside and outside. The passenger has an unlimited freedom of leg movement in the iSetta, a pleasant, low sitting position and an unobstructed view of the road in front. The glass dome provides the desired freedom but can also shield the driver from the outside.


Mara Pöllinger, Kai Grammel

The new BMW iX is regarded to be the continuation of the existing BMW X range. Current models possess a high premium factor and are seen as status symbols with lifestyle character. This concept plays with the powerful and athletic presence of current X models, enhanced with autonomous driving and the strong premium character of the i-range. Thus an independent automotive concept for driving in the year 2030 is born. A flexible lifestyle combined with the joy of “being driven” results in a feeling of unlimited possibilities, and draws nature, emotion and urbanity closer.

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