Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

Comic Strip. Storytelling in video animation

Bildgeschichte. Storytelling in Animationsvideos 1

Animation is an art form that requires a lot of creativity and imagination. The fun in the creative aspect often lets people skip a few steps in the process and go straight to production. Depending on the chosen technique of animation and software, it is quite easy nowadays to create a satisfying result just by following basic instructions. Storytelling however, suffers from skipping the developing phases of animation. It is extremely important for animators to know the importance of the different elements of design and how to use them. There is no real scheme to designing and creating a successful animated film. Yet, there are building blocks that contribute to achieving this goal and telling the story.

The building blocks animators can use include developing an idea, storytelling, storyboard and character design. These can then be supported by the design of the world, the sound, and the established principles of animation. Even if someone does not want to include some of these basic elements, animators must understand them and how storytelling is affected by them.