Master's Thesis | Communication Design

Crossing borders. Cyprus 2020

Crossing borders. Cyprus 2020 1

Cyprus is a hundred in one, a divided country, a colorful mix of stunning landscapes, cultures, and people. In total, 32 personal stories, photographs, and interpretations are intended to provide a broad picture and a comprehensive impression of the diversity of this unique island in connection with the topic of borders. Borders set by society, borders defined by politics, borders set by nature as well as borders within us.

To this day Cyprus lives with the unique situation of having been partitioned since the 1974 war. The Green Line, which runs through Northern and Southern Cyprus, is not the only border dividing people, it is rather the borders in people’s minds. COVID‒19 has imposed additional restrictions on people in 2020, including the detention of refugees and the first closure of all crossing points since they opened in 2003, which means a further step backwards on the road to reunification for Cypriots, and yet another border that needs to be crossed.