Bachelor's thesis

Designing Women

Red Dot Design Award for Nina Botthof

Red Dot Design Award für Nina Botthof

Women design, women are designed—as the title suggests, this Bachelor's thesis in Information Design deals with the interaction between design and society with a focus on the depiction of women; with how design shapes the image of women, but also with how women as designers actively participate in this process and create a self-determined image of women. This interplay determines the constantly changing gender and power relations. Can design emancipate women? This question is explored in four sections: biological, social, artistic and historical factors are related and analysed.

The topics versatility is also reflected in the book’s structure—the tête-bêche bound book can be read from both sides. Starting from one side the chapter "Understanding Gender" is waiting for you, while starting from the other side the chapter "Designing Women" makes the entrance. In the middle, the two chapters "Historical Context" and "Women Design" meet and are inextricably intertwined both artistically and thematically.

Text & Photography: Nina Botthof