The impact and potential of digital media from the perspective of employees and employers in Styria


The project explores the impact and potential of digital media use from the perspective of employees and employers in Styria.

The digital transformation of the world of work has different impacts on companies and employees in different sectors. It brings new opportunities and challenges, which in turn influence productivity and innovativeness, the forms of cooperation and the personal strains imposed on employees and employers. The use and deployment of digital media has the potential to create (un)divided work environments, and may thus facilitate both unification and division.

Applied research is needed in order to understand, cope with and use digital transformation in Styria, where digitalisation is of major importance for the manufacturing industry. The following aspects are of particular significance:

  • use of digital media in the organisational context in general,
  • individual use behaviour and digital literacy,
  • organisational culture and its interaction with local conditions,
  • risks and potentials associated with digital technology use in the workplace.

The survey envisaged in this research project is a prerequisite for the planned prototypical development of specific offers and recommended measures for Styrian companies designed to enhance their competitive strength and the competitiveness of Styria as a business location.