Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

El viaje. The emotions of music

Window to the world (Copy)

Media is an incredibly powerful tool to evoke emotions in the viewer. Especially moving pictures work extremely well because they stimulate the recipient on different levels simultaneously: pictures and sound. The artist D:enigma created two songs, Enova and Cura, which were used as a basis for the short film to support the viewer’s journey towards the emotional plot and to give a special setting.

The intention here was mainly to focus on showing feelings: suffering, depression, pain, and coping with those afterwards. The creation has the title El Viaje, a journey that describes dark moments in life. The path the characters are following is described in three narrative threads, which cross each other several times. Present and past, his and her perspective, and fiction and reality. The goal of this film was to wake up and shock the viewers and to make them identify with the protagonist and to raise their emotional awareness.