FINPOWER: Empowering Women in Sustainable Finance through Micro Learning

FINPOWER: Befähigung von Frauen zu nachhaltigem Finanzwesen durch Mikro-Lerneinheiten

FINPOWER is strategically designed to address the evident gender disparity in financial literacy. Recognizing that women often feel less confident in financial matters, coupled with distinct financial literacy needs, this project aims to empower women in sustainable finance through microlearning.

Statistically, women tend to earn less, save less, and live longer. Despite these challenges, they bear the responsibility for similar living expenses as men. The FINPOWER project aims to bolster women's sustainable financial literacy, enabling optimal decision-making and fostering equal participation in modern society.

Explore the transformative journey of FINPOWER, where sustainable financial literacy meets empowerment.

Project Team

Main Objectives

With a steadfast focus on empowering women, FINPOWER aspires to achieve key objectives:

  1. Enhancing Financial Literacy:

    • Strengthening women's skills in sustainable financial literacy for confident decision-making.
  2. Capacity Building for Training Institutions:

    • Increasing the readiness of training institutions for effective digital education.
  3. Training for Women Providers:

    • Delivering specialized training to women training providers through sustainable finance microlearning.
  4. Addressing Gender Inequality:

    • Decreasing the gender gap in financial literacy for a more inclusive society.

To realize these objectives, the project involves pivotal activities involving identification of best practices and gaps in financial education, development of a skills competence matrix and training curriculum based on real-life situations, creation of training materials for sustainable financial literacy and recommendations for the continued spread of training beyond the project's duration.

Project Outputs

  1. FINPOWER Gaps Catalogue:

    • Identifying and addressing gaps in financial literacy training for women.
  2. FINPOWER Life Skills Competence Pack:

    • Comprehensive package including skills competence matrix and training curriculum.
  3. FINPOWER Sustainable Finance Academy:

    • Centralized hub housing all training materials for trainers and women.
  4. FINPOWER Policy Recommendations:

    • Recommendations to decrease gender inequality in the field of financial literacy.

Seven partners from six different countries collaboratively contribute to the development of the FINPOWER Sustainable Finance Academy. The Academy includes training materials and manuals for trainers, along with an interactive guide for women to independently gain sustainable financial knowledge.

FINPOWER is a project within the "Erasmus + Cooperation Partnerships in Adult Education" scheme, Ref.: 2022-1-AT01-KA220-ADU-000087985. Spanning a duration of 24 months, this project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.