Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

From home to the cabin

Redesigning the online check-in to a cruise

Von zu Hause bis zur Kabine 3

More and more people go on holiday on the high seas, and cruises have become increasingly popular. Over time, cruise liners have become bigger and more modern, and some of the largest cruise ships can accommodate up to 5,000 guests.

Before the journey can begin, all passengers must be brought on board and guided through the check‒in. In order to ensure a smooth and reliable procedure, detailed preparation and a sophisticated check‒in process are necessary. The aim of the bachelor’s thesis is to identify current problems in the check-in process and to solve these problems by developing a new check‒in procedure. The focus is on improving the digital process in terms of user experience. Using the Design Thinking method, a new user-friendly concept has been developed that creates added value for the guests.