Installation Growth

KLANGLICHT Festival 2022 in Graz

Installation Growth 5

Students of the master programe in Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design of the FH JOANNEUM created stagings of overgrowth, expansion or enlargement from 27 October to 29 October 2022 at the KLANGLICHT Festival in Graz. Thus, in the newly grown residential area Reininghaus, a kind of site-specific light ballet was performed.

Growth, is a spatially and temporally structured increase, enlargement or division. The media production "Growth" looked at this concept in all its dimensions and from a variety of perspectives. Light and sound were the materials used to explore the medial possibilities of representation and creative variations of growth.

The project was supported by Lambda Labs and Soundshades.

Designers involved in the project

Bernreiter Björn, Boltersdorf Diana, Bus Christoph, Cucurachi Chiara, Davletshyn Olena, Dirnberger Marlene, Goutzeris Nikolaos, Hager Sebastian, Harrich Christina, Hasiba Lukas, Jaritz Florian, Kozinska Iryna, Kropatsch Mira, Martinez Lopez Alicia, May Selina, Mitterhauser Anna, Müller Max, Nopp Hannah, Nossek Aaron, Pérez Diego Lucía, Pschaid Thomas, Rachdi Noah, Rohrbacher Patricia, Samandarova Alexandra, Samonigg Magdalena, Schaubmaier Florian, Slany Kerstin, Steinegger Lukas, Szabo-Kass Marton, Török Lehel, Unterüberbacher Sarah, Uzelac Monika, Varhegyi Laura

Klanglicht Echos

On 28 October 2022 the event "Klanglicht Echos" also took place, where artist:in were invited to talk, moderated by Hannah Felbinger: