Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

Solutions for Consumerism, for Communication Designers and Consumers

Brand Storytelling im Social Business (Copy) 3

At first glance, it seems obvious that the primary reason for the current problem of overconsumption are the consumers themselves. This Bachelor’s Thesis explores to what extent communication designers are partly responsible for the problem in comparison. It tries to find solutions and impulses for behavioural changes for both points of view. The author of this Bachelor’s Thesis explores the connection between consumer culture and design and shows how visual elements are used in design to achieve certain goals.

These techniques are applied in a practical part within the framework of a fictitious advertising campaign that aims to raise awareness of consumerism. As a conclusion it can be said that both designers and consumers are in important positions to mitigate the problem of consumerism. Design is an important tool to inspire consumers to alternative, sustainable consumption.