Development of an institutional network for offers of digital micro-credentials in connection with Industry 4.0


In recent years, the expansion and growing importance of alternative higher education, such as the dual or part-time study model, has led to an increasing diversity of students. The MicroCredX project addresses the needs of the strategic triangle of universities, the world of work and students.

The project responds to the related changes in skill requirements through the labor market, digitalization, the response to climate change and the recovery from COVID-19, by paying particular attention to alternative and more flexible methods of planning, organizing and delivering learning developed on micro credentials.

Micro-credentials are evidence of learning outcomes that learners achieve through less extensive learning units. These results are evaluated using clearly defined criteria. The corresponding learning experiences are intended to provide participants with specific knowledge, skills and competences that correspond to societal, personal, cultural or professional requirements. Micro-credentials will enable students to compile learning portfolios from different institutional networks and thus take advantage of new forms of qualification. We are experimenting with the implementation of strategies for digital micro-credentials, bundling/unbundling options and recombining.

The Microcredx project focuses on:

  • Flexibility and recognition of courses via micro-credentials and accessibility for people outside of higher education.
  • Introduction of combined course offers consisting of micro-credentials and specially tailored to new industrial requirements.
  • Harmonize and establish policies and regulations to facilitate the transfer of micro-certificates within the partnership and ensure openness and transparency so that learners, employers and other certificate consumers have access to informative, standardized data.
  • Enable students to engage in virtual learning and use these micro-credentials to enhance their studies and integrate them into their final qualifications
  • Build a network of institutions that are actively involved in preparing students for Industry 4.0 and recognize micro-credentials from the network for access and progress