Master's Thesis | Communication Design

Packaging Design

An interplay of design and psychology


In order to evoke a certain impact on a costumer, an in-depth analysis of consumer perception is important. Thus, design and psychology are closely connected. In creating effective brand communication, a graphic designer needs to consider human perception in order to reach the consumer on an emotional level, and hence, purchases a product. The decision on what to buy is often made intuitively and within short time, especially with Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Two research questions are raised: First: To what extent does the design of the packaging of products in low price segments influence the consumer’s will to purchase this specific product? And secondly: Are they willing to pay a higher price for products of the same quality if they come in a more appealing packaging than the competitor’s? In order to answer these questions, the already existing products are investigated to make the new design stand out.

Photo: © FH JOANNEUM / Daniela Grüneis